In order to compete in multi-faceted marketing channels, direct mail has to persevere by relying on highly customized projects. Today’s marketers are not only responsible for selecting a target audience; they are striving to “touch” each person within that audience personally. MJO can help!

Since 2006, MJO has assimilated four color litho-printing into our daily digital laser production. This provides our clients with all variable digital capabilities on each of their projects while eliminating the time and cost of pre-printed forms and letterhead. It allows for a greater flexibility in personalization and customization of direct mail. The era of mailing 100,000 postcards to a select area with the same offer has come and gone. In today’s culture, marketers are striving to send a very specific and personalized postcard to every single person that is interested in their services. It is this type of time-sensitive, highly customized package that we excel in producing!

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